Case Studies


Online M-commerce Canteen

Integrate all canteens as Omni-channel M-Commerce portal. Cover Product Catalog, Inventory, Order, Invoice, Customer engagement & Support functions through this single portal.

Our Approach

  • Challenges
    • Customer has multiple food and retail canteens at various Geo locations to serve their employees.
    • The employees need to physically visit to purchase the items.
    • These canteens are running independent order, inventory and invoice systems. They are not centralized
    • There is no online portal for employees to order online through their mobile phones and PCs
  • Solutions
    • Implemented online M-Commerce platform based on Magento. Product catalogs of multiple categories are managed inside this platform.
    • Employees can view online the products and stocks with option to add their wishlist, order,..etc
    • Streamlined order processing, invoicing, logistics, delivery functions of all canteens through this platform
  • Results
    • It Centralizes all canteen functions
    • It provides Seamless experience for the employees to order where ever they are through their mobile phones