Case Studies


Enterprise Central Cloud Server

Centralized cloud server application that manages and serves the Ads to all remote display devices. Cover all Customers on boarding & engagement, Advertisers engagement, Devices Management, Core business logics and support functions through this single portal.

Our Approach

  • Challenges
    • Customer on-boarding and devices engagement thorough centralized server
    • Integrating advertisers and managing their campaigns on one platform
    • Managing business logic functions like targeting, campaigns optimization and reporting
    • Synchronizing of data between different devices
    • Integration to facilitate online payment processing.
  • Solutions
    • Developed cloud server to manage customers, advertisers engagement and devices in one platform
    • Scalable cloud server with multiple server instances to handle large volume requests
    • Options to use any Cloud service provider's components for enabling high availability
  • Results
    • Cloud Server will give Seamless on boarding experience for the customers with their devices.
    • Ad Server allows a seamless advertising experience.
    • Advertisers can reach the customers with Ads which will be effective and engaging.