Case Studies dashboard server


IOT Dashboard Server

Centralized dashboard server for showing the business function's metrics as charts and graphs in single view. Cover all Business metrics of Sales, Order, Inventory, Delivery, Customer engagement & Support functions through this this dashboard server.

Our Approach

  • Challenges
    • Key business metrics data are available at multiple servers and multiple XLS files
    • Required a dashboard server to pull the data from multiple servers
    • Need to define user access roles and manage the data presentation
    • Present the business metrics data on charts and graphs
  • Solutions
    • Developed a Dashboard server application that pulls the data from multiple servers periodically
    • Option to import XLS file data is added
    • Data are stored in a centralized database
    • Dashboard Server presents the reports in charts and graphs format
    • User roles and access credentials are defined
  • Results
    • It will reduce the customer's burden by logging into each server and analysis data of each business functions
    • Customers can easily get a single live view about their sales, inventory and delivery status