Case Studies


Hand Hygiene Solutions

Nowadays, hospital wants to automate the observation of hand hygiene of patient attendees to protect the patient from external infection

Our Approach

  • Challenges
    • Hospitals are unable to improve the hand hygiene compliance of patient attendees.
    • There is no comprehensive solutions for monitoring the hand hygiene of patient attendees and real time alerts to them.
    • There is no centrally data collection for post processing and analytics report.
  • Solutions
    • Designed a sensor for dispenser unit which reads attendees badge once they press the dispenser unit.
    • Dispenser unit sets a flag in the badge through wireless to confirm the cleaning of the attendees.
    • Designed a Bedside unit with motion sensor to detect the attendees while entering into the patient area.
    • Bedside Unit reads the badge id and hand hygiene flag status and sends the data to central server.
  • Results
    • Hospital can ensure the patient's health care to protect from external infections.
    • Central server stores all the Dispenser unit,Bed unit and Attendees Badge id.
    • The measured parameters can be logged centrally by the server app for post processing, AI analytics and reports generation.