Case Studies


Patient Sensor Monitoring

In a hospital, health care monitoring system it is necessary to constantly monitor the patient’s clinical parameters when they are shifted from ICU to IPD.

Our Approach

  • Challenges
    • Early Detection of patients abnormal conditions when they are shifted from ICU to IPD
    • Doctors wants to know the patient's clinical parameters afront
    • Alerts for Patient heart rate, body temperature and oxygen saturation, if exceeds threshold
    • Detect patient's movement activities and provides alert for inactivity
    • Streaming patients information along with above parameters on the go
  • Solutions
    • Designed a Sensor watch device which measures patient's critical parameters.
    • Sensor watch measures patient's heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature and hand movement activities.
    • Developed a application on mobile to collect the sensor watch data and upload onto cloud server.
    • Developed a cloud application which manages all the sensor watch and mobile applications.
    • The measured parameters are logged centrally by the server application for post processing, AI analytics and reports generation.
  • Results
    • Patients can be monitored round the clock without attendants intervention using smart sensor watch.
    • Doctors can get real time clinical parameters of the patient on his mobile.
    • It provides Early attention to patients to avoid the critical situation.