Product Introduction

Eoxys HD PLC based communication platform offers fully compliant IEEE 1901 based HD PLC Power Line Communications (PLC) based design suitable for next generation communications in various industrial, transportation, home automation, power transmission and smart city applications
Eoxys HD PLC design reliably delivers robust communications, superb noise immunity, high quality of service (QoS) over both high voltage AC and DC power lines and achieves 200Mbps data rate(PHY).We can integrate our HD PLC design into your products quickly and enable reliable power line communications. The number of nodes in power line communication can be as high as 1000 nodes.


Smart Metering - IoT technologies are transforming traditional energy infrastructure into interconnected Smart Grids. Smart metering is the first milestone in smart grid implementations. In addition, Smart Metering enables new set of smart services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers to better manage their energy usage patterns, reduce overall power consumption and even benefit from new pricing models

Smart Lighting - Combination of IOT technologies and sensor technologies transforming traditional lighting infrastructure into connected & sensor based Smart Lighting infrastructure. This smart lighting offers energy efficiency and automated controls that make lighting adjustments based on MEMS sensors such as occupancy or daylight availability.

In vehicle powerline communication - The number of electronic control units (ECUs) in today’s vehicles are increasing day by day for providing increasing number of safety and comfort functions. As the demand for information exchange between these units is growing, the complexity of the in vehicle communication infrastructure also increases. The CAN-bus is one of the first widely spread communication technology used in modern vehicles which typically operates at low data rate and also requires dedicated communication cable lines. By using HD PLC power line communication, the cabling can be reduced to the minimum and high data rate can be achieved. The HD PLC can be used in different kinds of vehicles like cars, trucks, boats, and trains.