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IoT - Product Engineering

We have strong experience in Product Engineering (electronic HW, embedded SW, and ID design) of IoT Devices, Sensors and Gateways. We have demonstrated experience in all aspects of IoT product design stages like requirements, HW design, embedded SW, industrial design, POC fab and certification. Successfully developed IoT product designs like BLE Wearable Sensor Watch, IOT Sensors and Gateways with BLE/Zigbee/Zwave/WiFi/LTE Cat-M1/NB-IOT interfaces. We work closely with our B2B clients, understand and analyse their requirements to build their IOT products using our product designs.

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Enterprise IT - Cloud Software Engineering

We help our clients in architecting & implementing Cloud Software solutions for IOT and Enterprise IT using our proven development frameworks, best practices and re-usable libraries. We have strong experience in Java, Spring/Spring Boot, Angular front-end based Cloud software development with latest Microservices and Serverless computing architecture. We have strong experience in seamless integration of AI/ML data analytics applications into Cloud software. Through DevOps, we streamline build, release, QA & deploy processes for CI/CD. We use Native (Swift, Java or C#) and Cross-platform technologies (UNITY) for Mobile applications development.

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RPA – Bigdata Engineering

Using our workflow automation RPA tool libraries, we can build custom implementation of Bigdata, Industrial and Enterprise workflow automation solutions. We have demonstrated experience in custom building RPA components for data extraction, transformation & insights visualization. We work closely with our clients, understand and analyze their requirements to build suitable custom Workflow RPA solution for advanced data transformation, Dashboard visualization and AI/ML based predictive maintenance applications.

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Embedded Systems Design

We support our clients in architecting and implementing Embedded SW Applications using best development frameworks and protocols for RTOSs – TI RTOS, FreeRTOS,…etc. We build custom Embedded Linux drivers for enhanced Embedded Linux Application SW performance. We architect and build Embedded Linux Application SW in embedded C, Java and Python technologies. We architect and implement embedded HW design and FPGA design as per customer’s requirement covering from IOT sensors to gateways. We work closely with our clients, to build Embedded Systems from low power MCUs to high-end MPUs with FPGAs along with BLE/Zigbee/Zwave/WiFi/LTE Cat-M1/NB-IOT interfaces.

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Eoxys is a fast-growing Internet Of Things (IoT) Product Engineering company combined with Cloud Solutions, Mobile Applications, Blockchain and Bigdata Solutions Development expertise. Eoxys is built on the vision of keeping its customers Happy and Satisfied.